2-copyHello Everyone,

Thanks for visiting my website and wanting to know about me.

My name is Sandra, and I’m one of those people in their thirties that haven’t got it all figured out. (And please, tell me I’m not alone.)

For better or worse, I was a bright kid with a lot of energy and interests. I wanted to try it all, and I did. And it turned out I was good at a lot of things. This felt amazing until I realized that a) I got easily bored of pretty much everything I tried my hand at, b) there were always others that were better than me. So, whenever one of these situations occurred, I moved on to the “next new thing.”

And it started all over again. Something was always missing and I couldn’t keep my enthusiasm for too long. I wanted to do something that made me excited every day.

I always hated writing assignments in school, so realizing that writing would be “my thing” came as a surprise, to say the least. For years, I was hesitant to believe that this was the “calling” I’d been waiting for, but by now, it stuck with me long enough to assume that this is it.

I’ve been writing for a while but never shared my work with anyone, except a few loyal and biased friends. I guess it was because I feared what if I suck at the one thing I care about.

I always encourage people around me to be brave and follow their heart and believe in themselves, and it was just too ironic to realize how I neglected my own life advice.

So, this is me taking the next step, and I’d be glad if you would join me on this journey.

Happy reading.



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